Martin Harris School of Music and Drama at Manchester University, 10/11 November, 2017.

The Martin Harris School of Music and Drama at Manchester University hosted a symposium dedicated to the legacy of Stephen Joseph and considered ways in which he inspired the lives of of young undergratuates in the early 1960’s. Many of these have gone on to have had professional careers in the theatre and films or have become outstanding academics in their own right.

Whilst the reunion at Scarborough and this event at the University have proved valuable catalysts in re-considering his life and work, these events, valuable and interesting as they have been, should not be an end in themselves.

The programme for the two days was rich and varied and included presentations by students’ of work ‘in-the’round’ which they had been working on with professional directors as well as many presentaions and and panel discussions on the relevance of Stephen Joseph, his impact on the past students who had worked with him as well as members of the profession who had been privilaged to have been directly influenced by him.

There was an opportunity for nostalgic reflection at the Old German Church, which Stephen had converteed into a Studio and which held memories for many of the delegates. Although it is now used as a more traditional teaching space it does offer the tantalising possibility of being resurrected in a modified form as The Stephen Joseph Studio for future students to experiment in.

Introduction – Jenny Hughes

The Legacy of Stephen Joseph – Alistair Livingstone

Programme – Friday 10 November

Programme – Saturday 11 November

Legacy Celebration and Symposium Brochure

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