SJA Constitution


  1. The group shall be a non profit making organisations known as STEPHEN JOSEPH ASSOCIATION (S.J.A or SJA)
  2. The group assumes the task of promoting the following aims:
    • To contribute to the general promotion of the Legacy of The Theatrical Pioneer Stephen Joseph, without restriction to race, age, gender and religion.
    • To organise and engage in artistic and creative performances, programmes and events that further the aims of the association.
    • To undertake research and publication of material in hard copy or digital formats.
    • To contribute to and maintain the and/or website/s.
    • To apply for and raise funds as deemed necessary.
  3. The group shall not be affiliated to any political party and shall be non-sectarian in the pursuit of its aims.
  4. Membership of the Stephen Joseph Association shall be open to any person whose aims are in sympathy with those of the Group described in Point 2 above, on payment of the annual membership subscription .
  5. Each year at an Annual General Meeting the Members of the Association shall elect a Chairperson, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, at which time their annual remuneration shall be agreed.
  6. The Committee shall normally meet once a quarter in person or online and all members present shall be entitled to vote. In the event that a member is unable to be present they may express an opinion and/or vote by proxy.
  7. The time and place of the quarterly and annual general meeting shall be notified to members in good time and all decisions shall be taken on a simple majority vote by members present.
  8. All decisions taken at these meetings shall be posted on the and/or website
  9. The Association will appoint sub-committees as it sees fit to further and agree projects.
  10. Decisions taken by the sub-committees shall be notified to The Committee for approval. Such approval or any changes or additions to these decisions shall be taken by a simple majority vote.
  11. Any change to the constitution shall require a 2/3 majority vote.
  12. An extraordinary meeting may be called at 48 (Forty Eight ) Hours Notice at the discretion of The Committee.
  13. The Stephen Joseph Association (S.J.A) will strive to work with and assist other groups with similar aims.